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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


When the cheering stops
When the accolades end
When you can no longer tell who is foe and who is friend
When the radio goes silent
When the light go dim
When you do not know if you can trust her or trust him
When you are alone
When the fears set in
When you are no longer sure if you are going to win
When the voices fade
When the time runs out
When you are all you have to prove that you have the clout
When the money is low
When the phone calls stop
When you have to go hunger just to keep up the shop
When the pain is real
When the tears begin
When you have to decide between sanity and sin

When it is all on the line
When there is no other choice

That is the moment when you find your voice.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Right Fit

Pet Peeve: Women wearing the wrong size/ill fitting bras

Like seriously I want to snatch them up and take them to a bra store and fix them. If you only knew how much better you would look if you wore bras that FIT.


It especially makes me sad when I see a beautiful Plus Size woman, who doesn't look her absolute best , simply because she is wearing the wrong size bra.

Spilling out of your cup is cute for porn and sexy shots to get people to oogle you, but is not how classy ladies do it in the city. Back rolls and shoulder dips are not only unsightly but they also can mess up your posture and the shape of your back and body.

Take some time and figure out what size you should be wearing. Invest in good bras.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The rules

I ask that you come
 Not with mind made up
Not with bias and judgement
Not ready for war
But that you come open
Ready to take things as they are
And not how you have built them to be
 If there is bias, let it pass
If there is dislike, let it wane
If there is a reason to be rude or unjust
Try to fight for positivity and honesty
 If you assume someone will hurt you
You will just look for ways for them to do so
And in the end no one will have won.
 I ask that you try
Not for me, not for you
But because it is the right thing to do

The Dance

What to do when you are coming down from cloud nine
When things aren't as shiny and glossy as before
As you start to question what it is you thought you saw

What do you say when the niceness has worn off
When the things you used to cherish are no more
As you wonder if you made it all up in your head

What exactly do you do when the spark is gone
When you know you can no longer stand it
As you start to feel disdain and regret

What pray tell do you do when the music is over
When it seems like a joke to go on
As you pretend things are better than they really were

What, I am asking you, do you do
When it comes down to you and your heart
As your brain does its part, finally showing up to the dance

You bow and say.... good night.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Her - Part II

"I'll wait" she said
"I'll be patient for you,
and when you are ready to chose I'll be here,
 waiting to fulfill your need
To take my place as your supporter, cheerleader and lover
I'll be here ready to understand you,
Care for you
Love you
....just as you are"
These words she said to him
because she was ready to take the leap
Ready to jump in because of lessons
From missed opportunities
From  unfulfilled promise
To him they might have been just words
But she felt them,
Deep Honest and True
She showed him her spirit
And he held back,
He held the door ajar but not open
He muddied the path with confusion and aloofness
So before he was ready to decide to let her in
She was gone

Friday, November 30, 2012

Him - Part I

"I'll be patient" he said
 "I'll wait for you,
and when you are ready I'll be here
waiting for you take this gift of love
To take your place at my right hand
Ill be here willing to support you
Understand you
Love you you just as you are"
These words he said to me
as I giggled them off
as I let them slip into the confines of my mind
Let it pass over me, as foolish talk of a potential lover
They were just words
Until he showed me
....showed me just what love was
More than lip service
This man was honor and justice and truth
He was meaning and understanding
The very essence that I have spoken of so many times before
And just as I was ready to open the door
He was gone.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Apologies

Yes, I missed a day. Forgive me..

I will be sure to make it up to those who care with two posts today!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fat girl in a little seat...

407-Pound Woman Denied Flights Home, Dies Abroad

 This story (linked above) made me think of so many things.
When I was bigger, I remember flight attendants giving me funny looks sometimes when I boarded airplanes, or being extra loud when asking me if i needed a seat belt extender. They weren't all like that. Some would discreetly hand me seat belt extenders before I asked for them. Like they were handing me some forbidden object that was secret and vile all at the same time. There were some who felt that my comfort was just as important as everyone else on the plane. But those were few and far between. What most of them saw was a potential issues. And I suppose that is their job. They have to be aware of whats going on on the plane so they can prepare. But I dont think many people enjoy being looked at like an "issue".

 I remember people being asked to be moved because they thought they would be cramped sitting next to me. The alarmed looks of people as i moved down the isle towards their row. I could almost hear them praying pleading in their mind "Please dont let her seat be next to me. Trust me Mr. Business Man, I dont want to be squished next to you either. I want my personal space. I dont want to go home smelling like your cologne, but we dont have much choice so why not be a dear and not hog the arm rest. 

About those arm rests, as a girl with hips I have built in places to rest my arms. And those arm rests get in the way. Its much more comfy for me to have them up. Well the one on the right side anyway. I like to sit on the left side of the plane, not sure why but its a preference. And I like the window. Because when I get on a plane I dont move. I buckle up and im there until we land. Nothing worse than someone in a window seat who has a love affair with going to the bathroom. But I digress.

I remember the looks of precocious children, who apparently had never seen a fat black woman before. Being stared at like you are an animal, some specimen to be examined and critiqued is not always fun. I remember.

I dont wave the fat flag. I dont see any merit in being unhealthy and large. I do support confidence and self assurance tho. Not every fat person is unhealthy, not every thin person is fit. So its a balance. Its  an issue. Its something we need to not avoid, one ever wants to talk about it.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


So recently the theme of humility has been on my mind. And as it happens I have been noticing the theme play out around me. Seeing evidence of its value in my online dealings and in the physical world. Humility is a wonderful trait that some people have not yet mastered.

I think sometimes it get confused for meekness, or shyness, or not knowing how to stand up for one's self. But humility is really just you putting others before yourself. And not the kind of selflessness that is self serving, but the kind that knows where your efforts are best put to use.

The sermon in church today along with tings Ive just noticed int he world around me reminded me that more people need to be humble, so much could come of us thinking of others for just a bit more of the time

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