My body is lifeless
You took all I had to give
Every movement now is an effort
And I only have you to thank

I let this happen
Let your essence cover me
Allowed you to penetrate
The special place
That you fit into so well

You were constant
Relentlessness and demanding
And I gave it to you
With out concern of caution

I let you take over me
Again and again
And again
And then begged for more

I told you that you
Could have it
Take it,
Claim it,
Told you it was yours

And like a caged animal
That has been set free to feed
You devoured me
And let nothing but this feeling

I can't move
I can still feel you in me
From head to toe
You have left your mark

This is what happens when
Inhibition are released
Fantasies are realized
This is the aftermath...