My reintroduction to DMX

So I was having a discussion on Twitter (as I often do) and got into the merits of DMX. I had never really been a fan of his. As I tweeted his barking and over use of his name made me uncomfortable. He seemed to be discussing subjects that were beyond my relation and well I just wasn't that interested.

But as I increase my circle of creative friends, my eyes are often open to new things, and to re-examining things that I had over looked in the past. I asked what was DMX's best album and got a variety of responcces, but the one most mentioned was

These are my thoughts as I listened thru the 19 tracks:

"That's my man's and em..."
I was not impressed by the intro, it reminded me of basic rappers songs that get tweeted on my timeline daily, nothing spectacular just  dude telling you he's rough and tough and will bark your house down and he does and he does it all to support his man and em. Ok... well I hope it gets better...

Ruff Riders Anthem : 
"Give a dog a bone (what)
leave a dog alone (what)
let a dog roam and he'll find his way home (what)"

I alway did like the song "Ruff Ryders Anthem" made me wish I had a crew. I like the beat, its head bopable. And I like his flow, simple but it gets the point across. More violence and warnings... am i supposed to like him or be scared he might kill me?

Fuckin' Wit' D: "I DON'T A FUCK ABOUT CH'YALL NIGGAZ CAUSE Y'ALL AIN'T KILLIN' NUTTIN'" .... oh. I am beginning to think DMX might have some unresolved issues, and then right there in the song he tells us he has issues "Listed as a manic depressin' with extreme paranoia" ahhh... that might explain the violencia. I'm beginning to wonder abou this man...why is he so angry? Where are all these "dogs" and why does he feel like he always has to defend something? Interlude "The Storm Like all rappers, D's got haters... Look Thru My Eyes "Look in my eyes, see what I see Do what I do, be what I be Walk with my shoes that hurt your feet And know why I lurk the streets " Delving deeper into the questions already posed in my head from the first couple tracks. This man isout to prove something... im still trying to fiure out what tho. He's hurting over something too. i wanna know where it stems from. Just a hard life? "Feel the pain, feel the joy, of a man who was never a boy. For real. " Get at me Dog
I liked the beat on this song. D still sounds mad, I still don't know why. I am nut really relating to the album, but I can understand why people feel him. If you always feel like you got to fight for what you want in life and people 
underestimate you... yea... I guess I can related
I do not like the use of the word fag... but thats my prejudice to the word.

"The days are longer and seems like I'm wastin time
I've got a lot of dreams but I'm not really chasing mine" ...but why not Mr. X? Why not?

Let Me Fly
Is this man singing? Ya'll get on Drake for singing but I think every rapper has sung a few bars. Anyway I feel like this is the most emotional that D has been so far. Well that wasnt anger. I like it.

"There's a difference between, doin' wrong and being wrong and that ain't right"

X-is Coming
"One two X is coming for you Three four better lock your door Five six get yo' crusifix Seven eight don't stay up late"

Kid voices in eerie music always gives me chills...
This song disturbed me... who is he talking to?!
He's raping children, wives, and brutally killing... what does one have to do to get this wrath from D? Who hurt you D? WHO HURT YOU?

"The Snake, the rat, the cat, the Dog, how you gonna see them when you living in the fog" 

How It Goin Down
The intro to this song was hilarious. I kinda like when D does "love" songs. Why is it always shady tho? Id DMX married?

Crime Story
The calmness with which he raps about blowing up a police station makes me think this man does not like the police...

Stop Being Greedy
I wanna know who he is talking to? Other rappers? I think he knows his potential and he is reaching his dreams, but how do you bring that old mentality to a new hustle?

Yikes, that played like a movie scene. He def knows how to paint pictures with words

For My Dogs
How nice of him to let his friends rap on his album about how awesome her is...

I Can Feel It
I love the song this was sampled from.
I get the feeling you should never turn your back on this man. He remembers everything I wonder how much of his music is from real things that have happened...

The Convo
I have convos like this with God all the time... i feel this song. I feel his emotion. These are questions many people have. I love the pictures he paints. I give him points for that

Niggaz Done Started Something
MASE! I used to love his flow. I enjoyed the flow of this song.

One line tho kinda summed up the album for me...

Yeah I hear niggaz, but I still don't feel em.

But I can see the talent and enjoyed the listen.