Fat girl in a little seat...

407-Pound Woman Denied Flights Home, Dies Abroad

 This story (linked above) made me think of so many things.
When I was bigger, I remember flight attendants giving me funny looks sometimes when I boarded airplanes, or being extra loud when asking me if i needed a seat belt extender. They weren't all like that. Some would discreetly hand me seat belt extenders before I asked for them. Like they were handing me some forbidden object that was secret and vile all at the same time. There were some who felt that my comfort was just as important as everyone else on the plane. But those were few and far between. What most of them saw was a potential issues. And I suppose that is their job. They have to be aware of whats going on on the plane so they can prepare. But I dont think many people enjoy being looked at like an "issue".

 I remember people being asked to be moved because they thought they would be cramped sitting next to me. The alarmed looks of people as i moved down the isle towards their row. I could almost hear them praying pleading in their mind "Please dont let her seat be next to me. Trust me Mr. Business Man, I dont want to be squished next to you either. I want my personal space. I dont want to go home smelling like your cologne, but we dont have much choice so why not be a dear and not hog the arm rest. 

About those arm rests, as a girl with hips I have built in places to rest my arms. And those arm rests get in the way. Its much more comfy for me to have them up. Well the one on the right side anyway. I like to sit on the left side of the plane, not sure why but its a preference. And I like the window. Because when I get on a plane I dont move. I buckle up and im there until we land. Nothing worse than someone in a window seat who has a love affair with going to the bathroom. But I digress.

I remember the looks of precocious children, who apparently had never seen a fat black woman before. Being stared at like you are an animal, some specimen to be examined and critiqued is not always fun. I remember.

I dont wave the fat flag. I dont see any merit in being unhealthy and large. I do support confidence and self assurance tho. Not every fat person is unhealthy, not every thin person is fit. So its a balance. Its  an issue. Its something we need to not avoid, but...no one ever wants to talk about it.