What's you Flavor, tell me whats your flavor

What flavor cupcakes do you like?

 Some people love those red velvet ones, so rich and thick, that bold color, the sweet, the cupcake seems to scream "I dare you to not like me".... and for that reason I'm not the hugest fan. It boastful, full of itself, its got a big ego, and maybe it's well deserved. But if you build the expectations too high, when they aren't meet it is a harder fall. If you constantly have to tell me how awesome you are, I start to believe you might be trying to convince yourself. Red Velvet might be wonderful, but I'm turned off but its cockiness. I still wanna eat one tho, just to see what the hype is all about.

Many people enjoy those delectable chocolate cupcakes. There is a comfort there. You know what to expect and you can be satisfied with that. There is the chocolate, doing what its supposed to do. I can dig it, but you won't see me singing its praises. Doing what you ought to do should not get you a reward.  Add something different sometimes, surprise me. Just because there are other cupcakes who don't live up to the (justified or not) expectations, doesn't mean you get extra icing cause you pick up the slack by being average.

Personally I love the vanilla cupcake, underrated and under estimated. The Charlie Brown if you will. You can add almost anything to it and it still remains itself, only enhanced. But the secret it hides is that it doesn't even need the extra stuff to be great. So when you have to have it all alone without the extras... you are delighted to find that its delicious in its simple state.  Those with less perception might call it bland, but there is a joy in simple beauty. No fancy frosting or sprinkles, nothing to deflect from what is really there.... an open canvas that looks just a beautiful when its left blank.

You might enjoy the carrot cake; professing to be good for you but delicious too. Another boastful breed this one with good reason. Not over bearing and willing to accept that it might not always be the first choice. When you finally do try it you are delightfully surprised that you enjoy how it tastes. The carrot cake is ok with that. It will wait until you realize that it is the one you need, it will be there when the other cupcakes make you feel guilty or gluttonous. And it won't judge you or make you feel its better than you. It knows its place and accepts it gladly. It just wants to be eaten and enjoyed.

What kind of cupcake do you like?