So here we go...

This is my ______ attempt at keeping up a blog and I'm hoping this time it will stick. I will promise at least a post a month, but with the way I post on facebook and twitter I'm think  I have more to say then that.

So today is Thursday, and its been a long week. Besides the ongoing battle that rages in my mind, work has been a no thrills ride all week and it doesn't end til Friday at 5pm. But its a living, and we Thank God for the paycheck and the ability to use our skills.

I wanted to get back to writing because I have been inspired. I just cant pinpoint where the inspiration came from. Writing is cathartic and perhaps subconsciously I know that I need some release.

Poetry is my outlet for my thoughts on love, Music is my outlet for my thoughts on life, and everything else is written sporadically on social networks.  There is so much to say, but not all of it can be condensed to 140 characters, or needs to be shared in the first place.

As we go forward, those of you who take this ride with me, I hope we can learn and share with each other. And maybe this time... it will last

Lets go!