The Crush


Open and waiting

The passion so palpable it hurts me

Wanting so much to be near you

For your touch to ignite this flame

Piercing me in more then one way

Go deeper baby

Feel me

So ready and willing

So intense and sensual

So hard to fight it and yet

So hard to hold it in

But I’m not prepared to start

Scared to take a leap

Into things bigger than myself

A passion I know I can't control

Though it is this connection

That I have always longed for


Like a flower

Waiting for her honey bee

to fill and make her whole

to make and fill her holes

Creating in her a passion so all encompassing

Take me lover

Hold me

So open and wishful

So needy and craving

So ready to take it

So ready to let you win

But I lack full understanding

Of what it all could mean

Not ready to give up the independence

Self reliance that I’ve grown accustom to

And give it to you

All that I have to give


Like a small caterpillar

Naïve and scared

Not prepared for what might be asked

Thinking that might be too big a task

Lets fly baby

Up high

So earnest and careful

So steadfast and understanding

So clever and creative

So much like you

But no perfect in every way

Flawed and slightly soiled

Realistic to the demands of the world

And sometime not ready to submit

Yet for you we could

For you anything is possible


Like anew blade of grass

Searching for the sun

Praying to grow strong and tall

And admired by all

Grow with me


The feeling I get inside when I meet someone I feel a connection with, a flicker, a whisper in the heart? I cant put my finger on it. Could you be the one? The one I have dreamed about? Can you feel the heat of my want? Do you even know how much I want you?

I will never know the answer to these questions, because I am always too scared to confront them, him, her? Whoever my crush is (If s/he is even aware), all I would want them to know is just how ready I am... just one word and the future would be planned. And it will be glorious and fruitful.

So, we will see what happens. It only takes one word.