He said to her (inadvertently):

"You only get what I give
You only take what I offer
You only see what I show
You only feel what I reveal
You only say what I can hear
You only taste what I create
You only do what I can handle
You only make what I'll accept
You only know how much I tell you"

...But he hasn't really said anything yet....

She was waiting for more
She was hoping to break thru
But when you don't know there's a wall
How does she prove it to you
There is nothing worse than a liar
especially one who lies to themselves
There is a limit to arrogance
There is such a thing as too much dependency on self

She said to him (directly):

"You believe what you believe
And no one can tell you different
You see with lurkers eyes
Even when the reality is more simplistic
I won't fight your logic
And I can't try to force your hand
But someone someday should tell you
and make you understand"

The words I have to say may well be simple but they're true
until you give your love there's nothing more that we can do

You can't be in control all the time