Ain't no sunshine when she's gone...

Truth is, the only way to live... is to live.
No use complaining about rain,
As I see it, it only makes you love the sunshine more,
So I can get used to the rain…
There is always sunshine-

The way it seems to cleanse the earth as well as your soul.
The way it feels when you are with the one you love…
Or wished you could love
…It can make you love
Every moment that you share
Every breathe of sweet rain air,
Yea... that’s the sunshine

Like a smile from you baby
Like a kiss on her lips
She's perfect in the sunlight I bet
The way God intended for her to be seen
True beauty can stand the sunlight
Fake beauty needs fake light to be seen
Sex in the dark is like *bleeping* a stranger
Making in love in the rain...too deep for words
That’s sunshine