All in Love is Fair

Love me

Love me...its the only feeling I can return.
Don't hate me ...that feeling I have never earned

I can love you

Nothing is more special to me then the love that we might share
Just the thought of what we could do and say
Loving you is a dream I was born to fulfill

But does life echo dreams? Can you fill my need? As I can for you...

I can bring you bliss with my lips
hypnotize you with my eyes
mystify you with my mind
satisfy you in my thighs
heal you with my spirit...
And what do you bring
what can I count on
I need someone who loves deep
someone who can take my love
I love hard and I love true
And if you are lucky I can love you

My Wish

I Wish I didn't wish for you
I wish that I was done
But every time I see you smile
knowing it's not me who but it there
knowing you don't think of me
knowing I still want what we once thought we could have
knowing you don't even think on those days that I long for

Didn't it mean more?
Was it a waste of my time, effort, affection, and feelings?
Didn't you know that I wanted to LOVE you?
I was LOVING you
And you thought it was a game?
Just a face and a name?
No emotions or ties, just thousands of lies?
Well I hope the next makes you happy and fills you up.
I hope she's more than enough.
Satisfies in every way,
maybe in her arms you will stay

I wish...

Over you

I'm over you...
I'm through...
Go be happy
with her
with him
Be Happy and I will be happy too.
I will move on...
and be over you.

Me, You, We Us?

I opened your eyes
So you could see
I neglected to think
What could ensue
I tried to ignore
Just let it be
I want to just,
possibly discuss,