Can you feel it?

Why do you hide?
Was there some pact made
Has the devil purchased my heart and given you the chance to do with it as you will
Break it or never return it to me
Let me free, let me be
Open to new friends who are more then just a warmth to become accustomed to.

I have so much more to give than the pleasure of my lips and hips

There's more to me then what I let you see
Do you want to see the real me
I'm pure and deep and love to please
And not just when I’m on my knees
I have a heart that will care for you
With the ability to make your dreams come true
I love deep and hard and long
And a determined will to stay strong
Strong enough to take your shit
And stand by to take another hit
My heart has a tale it would love to tell
Though I won’t recall the ending well
In my life I have not one regret
That took you by surprise I bet
I could tell you things that you could never guess
You'll never know me at my very best

I could be to you every wish you conceived
And all I ask in return is truth, compassion and love achieved.