Can you handle it?

This is for the lonely girl
The one who no one seems to be able to love

I see you lonely girl
Always ready to please, even on her knees, just so she can feel...something
I see the way you look at others
Who seem to have the perfect life
The man and wife
Mother and child
It drives your mind wild
Thinking this time, maybe this time, it could be you
And it won't be too good to be true

I see you lonely girl
Always thinking you aren't good enough
trying to rearrange
trying to identify with fads and the newest ideals
trying to grap on to something thats real

I see you lonely girl
Thinking he loves you
Thinking he cares
Trying to just dare to be different this time
And not be used
or abused
or confused.

But every time
Every Time
You fall back into routine
"He doesn't mean to be mean"
He can't help that you are so easy to be dealt
With so easily thrown away
Who are you anyway little lonely girl?
Thinking no one else will love you, you take what you can get
And you haven't given up yet.

Maybe one day you will find someone
To tolerate you long enough to let you love them
And maybe see the real you
But once they get through what will they see
Everything you were meant to be?
How can they when you hold back and hold inside
All of your true anguish and pride
You are more than what you let most people see
Why don’t you be real with me?

I see you lonely girl
Trying to hide the fact that there is no love inside
No love for self which is the most important kind
Is that why your lonely girl?
Is that why your lonely girl?
Is that why your lonely?