You play this game so well
Its as if you wrote the rules
And I fell for it

You made me believe I could trust you
with words that connected to emotions I have always had
You used props that were comforting
and you played me.

You broke through my wall
and let me open myself up for this fall
But I can't blame you
I let this happen

Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice I'm the fool
I trusted you
With my thoughts, emotions, and love
and you broke that trust
I don't believe in holding on to broken things

I played coy when I first realized
and let you continue in your lies
Waiting for confirmation that you were who you are
And you fulfilled that promise in little time

You used my love against me and I let you
I opened myself to your abuse
and kept coming back for more
But I always knew the score

I wont confront you, cause that's not my way
I will just quietly slip away
You will notice my absence and in time will see
That maybe the true deception was me