Here and Now...

Good conversation is like great sex. Its stimulating and exciting and fills you with emotion. It's passionate and open and it expands your horizons. And you can't have it with everyone, but it does effect your reactions with others. After you have had a really good conversation you are more aware of those who don't communicate well. You yearn for that connection again and again.

I get excited when I'm talking to someone who stimulates me, and I'm not even talking about discussing things of a sexual nature. In fact that's not even all that interesting, anyone can talk dirty. But if you can reach me on an intellectual level... baby you got me. Someone with a creative spirit that knows how to take me to that next level. I enjoy someone who makes me think and who allows me to share my viewpoints honestly and without judgment. As I will do with them... you don"t get that with everyone.

People who know me on a personal level think I love talking and debating. I'm not saying that I don't. I just don't get as much opportunity as some might think. When I was younger I really didn't talk my parents ears off at home. I usually had my head stuck in a book. I wasn't on the phone for hours with my girlfriends (or boyfriends) talking about whatever teens talk about. Conversation was/is important to me and as was connection, i just liked me time.

Conversation is an art, not everyone is good add it, but there are things you can be mindful of in your day to day vocal interactions.

1. Tone and word choice: It is very important to think about how your words might be interpreted. Just because you didn't mean it that way doesn't mean I can;t understand it that way.

2. Mean what you say: You own every word that comes out of your mouth. Own it. Only say things you mean.

3. Keep it Honest (and open): i think you know what means, don't lie or conceal.. if you don't want to say something just say you don't wanna say it.

4. Expand your vocabulary: there are alot of words out there... try to learn some new ones weekly.

5. Open you damn mouth: Annunciate, speak up, get a word in, express a thought, be part of the dialouge... Talk to me