I get so lonely...

I have an attention issue. I know this now. I crave attention when I want it and when i don't get it, it can effect my mood. Now I'm not talking about constantly being laid with accolades and courtesies. I just mean I like to feel needed. Wanted. Necessary.

This is not a good thing.
I should be satisfied in just being. And sometimes I am. Truly sometimes i just enjoy being in the world and playing the role that God has directed me to. But every once an awhile, when i feel like the world is moving along just fine without my contributions I get a little sad. That's weird isn't it?

Now don't get me wrong I love alone time. That's when i can write, create, and enjoy my fav things. I can have intimate "me time", and calm the inner kitty. But I spend a lot of time alone. As busy as my social calendar is I spend alot of time alone and mostly by choice. I think if you cant enjoy your own company, why would anyone else.

It is when I want to be around people, talked to, played with, and I can't that I get upset.

I think I was a Cat in another life...