Never too much...

The Essence of Sweetness

Sweetness is not something that can be learned,
Nor a favor that can be returned.
It, like love, is precious and dear,
Something to be held near.
Sweetness can encompass every feeling you contain,
So that nothing at all remains,
Except the sweet love you show to those,
Of whose Sweetness this Poem is composed.
~ A Melony Original~

Kill them with Kindness has always been my motto, and I really do try to be nice. I don't feel the need to be callous or rude. It serves no purpose. I am however direct and truthful. And that can be confused for rudeness when it stings.

Happiness like most uncertain things in life is a choice
the who what where why and when of it are the variables we have no control over
All we can do, all I want to do, is BE