For you I will


I wanted write a poem for you,,
something to express
the image of you
that I can't get out of my head.
but there are no words to explain this emotion,
nothing to describe all that you are,
everything you mean,
your existence defies explanation

I wanted to sing a song for you
as powerful as your essence.
one that can fill the depths of your soul
and detail the power of your being
but no tune can contain the magnitude of you
no melody could hold your aura
the syncopated rhythm of your spirit
is a time measure they have yet to create

I wanted to create a picture of you
with colors to match your element.
a scene that depicts your being,
capturing the feelings you stir in me.
but there is nothing my eyes have seen
that can match all that you are
and no brush stroke to recreate
the wonderfulness that is you

So instead I think of you.
Soak in every word you say as poem
Listen to every thought you share like a song
And view every emotion you have like a picture
And one day hope,
to be close enough to share
the wonderful art that is

~Miss Melony~