Pour some Sugar on me

Yea, but not really. I'm as sick of the sappy stuff as you are dear reader. SO if you been with me from the beginning, or are reading from the bottom up like a good new reader, this post is for you.

I am not always Susie F. Sunshine. The world isn't always all rosy. And your sh*t smells just like mine does. Thats the truth, thats the "realness", this is all stuff we know.

Now, that doesn't mean we have to walk around like the world isn't enough. Like anger selfishness and rudeness are the only way to survive the cruel ways of the world. No, I'm just saying we should all stay realistic.

But you can be realistic and optimistic simultaneously. Trust me. Try it. I'm not talking rose colored glasses optimistic, I'm taking the glass has something in it, and thats always more then nothing.

And look around you, isn't that the case with everything? So you don't have everything you want, do you have most of what you need? That right there is a reason to be happy. There are tiny blessings all around us.

So if I seem happy all the time, or rarely angry or upset for too long, it's because I remember my glass has stuff in it. I put on a smile for you because thats what you deserve. I don't try to burden people with my negative emotions unless I feel like they can fix the issue. You can't depend on other people to make you happy. Thats not their battle.

I'll own up to being a little emo. "Love" as I said "fills my thoughts", so it fills my poems and prose as well. I do not promise that the rest of my blog won't be filled with sappy poems about a unfulfilled needs. A girl needs an outlet of some sort right? At least I can own up to it right?