Tears of Clown

Depression is just anger without enthusiasm
A slow burning fire that envelops the soul
It can take control and consume you without any outwardly signs
You can go undetected and detached from the world
Able to put on the steadfast face
When questioned about an emotional slip
Vagueness can cover your veiled replies.

I liked to disconnect before the pain takes hold
Disengage and distance myself from the emotion
It never really works
The anger keeps me longing for the pain to justify this emotion
"Why are you sad? Why don't you do something about it?"
Because I can't and I don't want to.
And the depression sets in.

Don't try to ignore the emotions
Or comprehend the depression
It will defy understanding
And leave you confused
Know there is a season for everything
And no one can be helped until they are ready
Some people just like the pain.

So I might be in this for a bit
Smile away your concern
I can play this game quite well
Don't worry about me
I don't share my misery, because I don't think that's fair
Just respect my depression,
That shows that you care.