21 things I want...

This list is not comprehensive, nor do I bases ever person I meet off this list. It's just preferences that I know I enjoy and in this season of list making and checking  I thought I'd come up with a few.

1. Belief in something greater than yourself
2. Intelligence to know there is always more to know
3. A smile that warms rooms
4. A laugh that cheers hearts
5. Strong arms and hands
6. Gentle spirit
7. The ability to do whatever it takes when the time comes
8. A love of music
9. An appreciation for the arts
10. Understanding and openness
11. Strong relationship with family
12. Good dancer
13. Thoughtful and trustworthy
14. Passion
15. A Nice Voice
16. Taller then me
17.Good conversationalist
18. Understand my obligations
19. Goal oriented and full of ambition
20.Tech Savvy
21. Loves me

All I want for Christmas is a better understanding of me, to help me prepare for *you*