26 Days


I always thought that life would be prefect at 25.
It was my magic number
I would be an adult and in charge of my life
everything would be perfect
I would have my career
My Love
and My livelihood
and I would be happy

My 25th year was the worst year in memory
(and I say it like because the way I get jumpy sometimes
makes me question whether something went down when I was younger
to make me so extra cautious about everything)
Nothing went according to plan
But then it was my plan, not His
SO it should have been expected
I learned a lot of things this year
lessons I wish I didn't have to learn
But everything happens for a reason.

I think 26 will be a good year,
And I plan to make it that way
No, I plan to let him make it that way
This Season isnt over, its just beginning
but now I know exactly what its purpose was

26 days