28 days

Three days before the end of the year and it comes time to reflect on all the things that have happened in the past year. As I said before 2009 was not the year of awesomeness. There was however a positive to 2009, nine symbolizes a finality, and ending, and I think that is part of the reason I was lead to start this season. I needed to fully understand what I had learned. I thought I knew all there was to know about myself and that I just needed to apply it. But I have since learned that there is so much more about myself I needed to be aware of. Though my basic values and beliefs have not change since I was 12, I have learned how to deal with all the outside influence that serve to enrich my life.

People, Places and Things around us play a part. And as I have stated before it is how we react to these things that makes all the difference. Thee other lesson? Intent is the key to understanding. Why? that is the questions I keep at all times. There is always a reason, ALWAYS. Sometimes the reason is simple, sometimes complex. And sometimes we wont understand it at all. But there is a reason. I take the time to find out why, because I know that perception is NOT reality. Even what you see int he mirror is not exactly what you look like. That might be why some people can look at themselves everyday and still not see the stains in their soul. No one is perfect that's true, but some people are blind to the real issues they have, because the stay focused on the outer ones, people can see.

I am focused on those that you all don't see, the ones I am well aware of but make the effort to conceal. I reveal them now mainly because the time has come to make the effort to become better, to prepare myself int he best way for the destiny I was made for. And writing it down helps me hold myself accountable. I need an accountability partner, and since I trust not one single person that much, giving each of you a piece helps keep me honest.

The journey has just begun... thank you for coming with me... hold on tight... its gonna be a bumpy ride... but It will be worth it.