8 Minutes To Sunrise

I'm ready for a new beginning. To start over. Eight is the number of rebirth and that's exactly where I am right now. Its funny how sometimes things seem to work towards His plan when you take a step back and just them them flow. Perhaps things have been happening the way they have because I needed to take this step to start over. In all aspects of my life. At work I'm reevaluating what I want career wise. At home I'm trying to figure out "where" I wanna be. It's time to restart some old things, let go of somethings I don't need, and begin things I have never tried before.

The only question now is whats the first step?

Oh baby now, what are we gonna do? (I don't know..)

Again taking the scientific approach seems the most prudent. We have identified the as-is state, so now lets look at the variables. Our goal is to isolate the key ones that seem to have the biggest impact on the subject. That is find out what effects me, makes me do the things I do, and if changing those variables will effect any change.

I think this week it will be health. Physically and Mentally. Yesterday I did some serious exercise. Now I've been doing my crunches every day (well most of the days), but adding some more cardio three times a week will be good. Been drinking more water. I tend to get dehydrated, cause I don't drink enough liquids. And making sure I eat right is the final key to the physical side. Well there is another piece to the physical that I'm choosing to ignore for the moment. (Yes, Kitty is on Vacation)Getting the Physical in gear lends itself to improved mental health. When I was walking yesterday, my mind was the most clear its been in days, maybe weeks.

Mental Health is a serious issue. Too many times we get wrapped up in stress and emotion and loss sight of what's really important. And stress can kill you. So Mental Health will be my other focus this week.

Sometimes I get locked up in my head. My mind truly is like a machine, able to relate everything to other things and come to interesting conclusions. I don't claim to always be right, but I'm never too far off. Especially when I'm not even trying to understand. My Premonitions are scary. One thing I need to learn: trust your instincts, intuition is not happenstance.

Today I made a Fresh start, and I feel revived. So lets get it!