Cry me a River

These tears are not for you
I'm not sure who they are for but they aren't for you
Maybe they are for every dream lost
Or hope that's been smashed
Perhaps they are for everything that you ever wished for
But I know they aren't for you
Because you don't want them

I will not make this about you
You played such a small part
There is a reason for everything
a lesson to be learned
a path to cross
And you just pointed me to it
This is not about you
Because you don't care

These thoughts are not of you
of the hurtful words you said
or the many ways I could have defended myself
there are no more words to be said
the book has been written
the play is over
These thoughts are not of you
Because you don't believe them

These thoughts, emotions, tears belong to me
And as much as I want to let them go I cannot release them
There is so much you don't know
But I am done defending myself
I don't do it well anyway
And anyway the truth doesn't have to be defended
Maybe its a illusion, or delusion or confusion
It doesn't matter cause it's mine
And these tears are not for you

truth is I have shed a tear everyday since Nov 12th.