Ten ... blame no one.

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

Yes I have a huge capacity to love. Love is not judgmental. It doesn't manipulate or try to take over. It just strives to make you happy. I'm a people pleaser, I'm flexible, I fit in anywhere. Don't confuse this for not knowing who I am or what I want. I want love. Honest and true, forgiving, understanding and real. Not just romantically but in all my relationships.

I like being happy. I like making other people happy. When people are upset it makes me uneasy. I just wanna make it better, even if only for a second. But sometimes I can't help. Sometimes I know its enough that I'm there.

I like knowing that God has my back and that stress is unnecessary. Not saying you don't take care of what you need to. But do what you can and then let the cards fall. A lot of times they fall face up.

Ok so this one I have had to work on over the years. Having a sister with autism has def helped. She thinks differently and I have had to learn how to communicate with her to help her understand.

Like sweetness, it doesn't take alot of effort. You don"t lose anything from being nice. Being sympathetic, empathetic and caring is a gift we can all give. I'm nice because rudeness and bitchyness is unnecessary.

I think this one is a little subjective, who's definition of good? Who gets to decide. I am far from being without sin, but I do my best to be good. Good to me is following his guidance, example and law. Do I have vices, oh yes. Do I ask for help curbing them, yes. but I'm not perfect. I do however try to be good.

This one is very important. You have to be true to your word and your beliefs. Period. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. You have to believe and trust in your belief. I need you to trust me. And I need to be able to trust you, Or we not gonna make it.

Mildness of manners or disposition;  Considerate or kindly in disposition; amiable and tender. Gentleness is sweetness. And I can be sweet, but not saccharine. There are some hard truths out there and sugar coating everything doesn't prep you for the world. Sadly most people don't care about you. And that's ok. But tact and diplomacy go a long way. Don't sugar coat things for m. Tell me point blank, but don't be rude and hurtful, saying things you know will upset me for that sole purpose. Somethings will sting, but I'll get over it.

This is the hardest one I think for all of us, depending on your vices and how much you want to control them. whether it's eating, doing drugs, talking, drinking, or an addiction to porn, you have to learn how to tell yourself no.

These are the things I will focus on during my season.
Some of the variables that can be adjusted to get the desired result:
a better ME.

If i spent as much time thinking on HIM as I did about people who "don't" love me I would be a better person