Happy Birthday to me!

I like to celebrate the 22nd of each month. I was born on November 22nd and I like that date. So each month on the 22nd I try to do something for me. I spend a lot of time thinking about how I might be impacting others, but on the 22nd of each month I am reminded to think of me, for my own sake.

On this 22nd of Dec 2009, I flew back home. To me home is where your heart is. And right now the only people who seem to want to accept bits of my heart are my family. And for this I love them. The flight was awesome, perfect combo of turbulence and fluidity. I had my music, my head pillow and me. The guy next to me wasn't fidgety and I slept most of the flight. When I landed I felt the tension lift from my shoulders (or was that the cold air flooding blood to my skin?) and I felt at home.

I always get very defensive about MA, and the north east. I "rep my hood" as the kids say (I think). We are not all unfriendly, we are not all extreme liberals, we do not all LOVE seafood, and not all the girls who go to Smith, or live in Northampton  are lesbians. There is a wonderful mix of cultures and ideas, and personalities here. I hate generalizations, and though i know they are based in some facts, they are still on fair to those of us who are always different.

Anyway Happy Birthday Anniversary to me... and to celebrate, some ignorant music