I care for you

I Care 4 U

How can you not know that I care?
When every morning you were the first thing on my mind?
And every night the last thought before a dream?
A dream filled with scenes of you
And a hope for the future

How can you wonder when every song was dedicated to you?
Every lyric a heart felt plea for your love?
Words I couldn't express directly to you
But words I felt so wholly and completely
That even now each songs make me think of you?

Where could there be confusion when all my concern was for you?
When I only cared about your issues and concerns?
When every free moment I had was spent thinking of you?
And even when others wished for my attention,
They knew they were second to you.

Hows could you not know?
When everyone around me heard nothing but your name?
When everything could be related to you?
When each connection to you caused me such satisfaction,
That they knew if you were distant, because I was hard to engage?

When each expression of emotion was related to you?
When I cried over the change in your affection?
When I constantly asked you if we were "alright"?
How could you not know that you are all I wanted?

How could you not know that I wanted to love you and just you?
What more do you need me to do?
For fear of drowning the flower
I gave you only what I thought you could handle.
But there was so much more I could do.
And if that is my sin
Not sharing the full breadth of my emotion
Please let me try again...