Let it be

As we step closer to a new year there is a cleansing process that I like to go thru. I take inventory of the things around me, people, places, materials, and evaluate what they mean to me, or what I mean to them. It helps that we are in the holiday spirit, because that helps me focus on those things I truly care for.

I Will not take any negativity with me into the new year. I can not do it. It's not worth my time nor my emotions. And I have wasted so much of both this year. I have been lied to, betrayed, broken, and slandered. I have been accused of things I would never and could never do. And when I tried to explain it fell on deaf ears, or was brushed aside. I cant force anyone to do anything they don;t wish, but there is nothing in the world i hate more then to not be believed or understood.

But I have to leave all that in 2009. I know who I am and what I am, and someone else's opinion of me should not change that. I know assuredly now that I cannot be everything to everyone,even if I had the capacity, because no one really cares.

So if you haven't noticed the change yet, you will soon enough. And if you don;t its because you didn't know me to begin with.'