Mirror Mirror

What’s the Matter?
"Nothing" is always the reply

Never come the words you need
To tell what hurt your heart
No sentence or phrase can hold
The anguish that is inside

Yet words on paper
free and private at once
can open the flood gates and soothe a quiet tongue

What’s the matter and what is wrong?
Nothing but the pen can understand,
the one who cannot freely share her pain

Deep in her heart lives
A SCARED and SHY girl

She needs so much to be liked
She wants so much to be good

She serves three masters
and one alone can hear or help

Why is she so silly
So eager and ready to please
And willing to care for those who
Could careless

Why does she think herself so strong?
When her weakness is her true playing card
She finds word to hide the truth inside
Defends ideals she can only reach for
Her mind is wiser then her heart
She feels stupid, confused, alone and wants to die...

What's the Matter?
What is wrong?