One Love

One Love

Day One of the season was rather good.


Wake up early and work out. Woke up but didn't get out of bed. Worked out after I got home
Go into the office. Check
Perform or write poetry. Check
Do something differently. Check
Be helpful to someone. Check
Write a blog post. in progress
Call home. texted with my sis
Go to bed at a decent hour. I was out later than I thought I would be and... oh you know I have trouble with this.

The point of this season is not just change. Honestly I like a lot about me. I'm cute, confident in the things that I know, and willing to learn about the things that I don't. My objective is to become a better me, not a different me.

I like to keep my word, I'm dedicated to the people I care for, and helpful to almost anyone in need of something I can give. I'm a giver. It's my nature and that will never change. However I am learning how not to be used. All I ask for is respect. And trust you will get mine in return.

I endeavor to spend less time thinking about what you might be thinking about. Everything is not about me, and you know everything is not about you. I will, however, remain conscious of my actions. If I ever feel I have offended, or that there is a misunderstanding, I will continue to search for the answer as I do now. Maybe I will grow out of my need for closure, but that part will be hard.

If you don't like me, and I don;t know why, it tends to bother me. I'm a nice person, never malicious or fake, and upfront about most things (my emotions are something I hide at times because I don't really like confrontation, however my face never lies). I have contradictions that I own up to. I'm passionate about what I love but I can respect your choices (except maybe not so much when it comes to sports). I smile a lot and I give awesome hugs.. whats not to like?

Ok, so I'm not perfect, but nobody is and I don't ask anyone to be. As I said I ask only for respect and honesty. You give me those and we will be on good ground.

Today was a good day, it set the right tone. Tomorrow will be better.

Write a blog post. done