Seven Days...

So the good book says that the Lord created the world in Seven Days. A lot of lesser things can be created in seven days as well. Like a new lease on life. A poem, a song, anything really. These past seven days were the beginning of my season. As I said before it's been hard. There are some thing i don't think I was ready for. I keep telling myself: baby steps, I don't have to get it all "right" right now. Its enough int he firs week to be made aware.

In the past week I have gone through so many emotions. There has been tears, laughter, anger and pain. I learned that I made mistakes, I need to be more clear in my communication. Actions always speak louder then words. And when your actions are misinterpreted your words can mean even less. What seems obvious to you can sometimes need clarification and verification to those who don't yet know what to expect.

Tomorrow is Day 8, Eight is the number of new beginnings. Something have to pass away, and somethings get to restart. I'm hoping for a restart. I want a reset button for so many parts of my life. I can't change the past, but I can say that my feelings and emotions are real, more real then I could ever express. Still the lesson I have learned: I need to be less dramatic. Everything is not the end of the world, not the end on my world. Just because something ends, or doesn't begin doesn't always mean that nothing every will.

Failure is not something I deal well with, and yes I can spin anything to make ti still look like a win, a gift i treasure in others I've met. Every mishap is a blessing in its way, a lesson learned and an opportunity to grow. I want to grow and reach my full potential. Be all that I was made to be. Friend, Lover, Wife, Mother, World Changer, and inspiration to at least one person on this earth.

I thought I saw a path to some of my dreams, but i might have been wrong (i hope not) but what I know for sure is the Lord had me start this reflection period for a reason.

So today I made a plan for my new start.
Goals: Health, Wealth, and Love: Simple, Honesty, and True.

Tomorrow we begin again. And we are ready

Btw, I pick songs to go with my emotions that happen to have the number of the day we are on in them. Just in case you were confused. And yea all the songs have to do with the same thing usually. Ask me about it sometime.