What you must think of me

I'm so sensitive sometimes, much more then I need to be. I wish sometimes I wasn't but my heart is attached to everything I do. Just get into an argument with me. I'm passionate when my heart is involved, and I often think with my heart. So when I'm sad, I'm sad.

And when I feel like something is fixable I wanna fix it. And when I don't no what to do I cry. And this is the girly nonsense that I hate. This is the part in the Rom/Com when I want to look away. Cause it hurts, and this is one type of pain I don't like.

Don't want my mammy
I don't need a friend
My heart is broken
It won't ever mend
I ain't much carin'
Just where I will end
I must have that man

I'm like an oven
That's cryin' for heat

He's hot as Hades
A lady's not safe in his arms
When she's kissed
But I'm afraid that he's cooled off
And maybe I'm ruled off his list
I'll never be missed

I need that person much
worse'n just bad
I'm half alive and
it's drivin' me mad
He's only human if he's to be had
I must have that man