So I got a Wii today. I have been talking about getting a gaming console for awhile. And with my birthday and the coming holiday I felt it was the right time. (It does help that I got a bonus.) I chose the Wii because I felt it would get me active, and also because it had easy games and can grow with me as I evolve as a gamer. A friend of mine told me a girl who plays video games is a good look. So as I build my arsenal of positive qualities, why not learn video games. Plus I hear its a good way to meet new people, increase your motor skills and great distraction. AND I need a positive distraction at the moment.

And because I have someone who keep me honesty here is today's poem


Sometimes I wonder if you can even see me
Or am I just a figment of your imagination that you bring to mind to fulfill a need
Am I just a stand in until you find what you really want?
Or am I in the way of what you seek
Why can’t it be me?
Why can’t I be that thing you search for
That element of intent desire that fills your heart
Is it too much to ask to be wanted
To be coveted and longed for
To be missed and cherished like a treasure
Or am I always to be a toy for your enjoyment

Sometime I dream that we are together
And I fulfill that wish that you have always had
Of the strong and loving partner
Why can’t that be me?
Whose love helps your prevail
Your right hand man and accomplice
Who makes all your plans succeed
Is it too much to be your everything
To be the one you run to for comfort

Sometimes I wish you would believe.

(This poem isn't about me, it's about Him)