A lesson in randomness

"All of the world isn't Backwards" said the wise Cat. "Disenfranchised is not a state in which you belong", she continued. "A wise old Elephant once remarked that 'once we see through the Fog of our prejudices, even the Giraffe will see eye to eye with a bee.' "

"To be happy does not require much skill, as even the Ignoramus finds some reason to smile. Living your life as the Jilted Knight brings little satisfaction and can prevent you from understanding the levels of Love."

"The love you feel", she said "for your Mother cannot be Nixed by simple avoidance or denial. You cannot hide like the Ostrich and expect to be Peaceful." She sighed and said "You can stay Quarantined and sheltered from the Rough edges of this world, but you will look Silly. You can not Thoroughly save yourself from any negativity, for some of it might surpass your Understanding."

This Cat was a Vixen, she had seen many White souls turn black with the ease of a simple tune played on a Xylophone

And Yes, she is right, you can not close your eyes to the evils of the world. If you shut your eyes to the devils you will miss the angels that pass you by. You never know what each experience will teach you, just as you will be hard pressed to remember ever strip on a  Zebra.

I asked someone to give me a word for each letter of the alphabet, and said I would use it to write a piece. It is a lesson in free writing for me, I let my mind lead me through the story. The cat is wise in what shes says however, you cant hid from the evil, you will miss the good.