Minus myself, Miss Melony might meander & mumble mom music.
Modern momma marries & misuses mammories.
Malicious Marauders make messaging movies.
Mice mortgage Medicinal Maximums Monthly: Mighty Mouse.
 26 M words, jumbled nonsense to some, perfect illustration to others... what do you see?

I asked for words that began with the letter M. M is my favorite letter. Is it because it's the first letter of my name? Maybe. But it's also because I love the way it makes my mouth feel when I say it and words that begin with it. My favorite words have the same effect. I enjoy saying them, not just because of how they sounds, but because of how they feel. I feel the same about writing in general. I don't type of write things simply because they sound good... but because it feels good to write them. As if the emotion, passion, energy flows right thru me as I type or write.

I had so many ideas for this writing exercise. I was going to illustrate what each chosen word meant to me, what i associated it with, what images it invoked... I received more than 26 words, I will have to find a use for the ones I didn't use.