(This song expresses the tone of this poem... I had almost forgotten about this group)


Are you oblivious, stupid or sly?
Do you ever take a moment to wonder why
The actions you take seem to burn you
And every mishap that seems to relate to
Some point of fiction or opinioned fact
Always turns into a mental attack?

Are you sly, stupid or oblivious?
When your actions are so conspicuous
How can one not know the true motive
With reactions that seem so furtive
This game you play so smoothly
May end like a lifetime movie

Are you stupid, oblivious or sly?
Is that a twinkle in your eye,
There to illistrate your pure ignorance
Can you honestly believe it was pure happenstance
That lead to what could be considered a master plot
To gain something you have always sought.

Are you...



Or Sly?