Let's be honest.... honesty is about as common as common sense. Everyday people take time and effort to sugar coat, filter, dumb down, and out right lie about things that in all honesty hold no real merit. Let's remember... in the grand scheme of things... NO ONE CARES.

Really, its all insignificant when you take a close look at it, and you could spend all that time scheming doing something more productive with your life. Now I say this as a person that analyzes everything. Every word, every look, every action. I have thankfully learned to not take these acts personally... I still like to be aware of my surroundings and that will always include the people who I find around me. Luckily I am a great multitasker and I can do these things with out you even noticing. Still if I had to add to my list up keep of lies.. I wouldn't have time to live. I analyze to learn, cause I want to know as much as possible. And still I know... Not everything is that important. So why lie?

Some of you don't even know you lie (not telling the whole truth is a form of lying) you let the words leave your lips and fingers without a second thought. And some of you are very crafty at it.. so crafty that you have forgotten how to be full on honest.

I have always been weary of people who use the words "trust me" " believe me" "i promise" too much... who are you trying to convince me or yourself. These are often the same people who can lie to God (or whatever they believe in) and pass it off with simple excuses. How can you live your whole life and not hold yourself accountable? And then be mad at me when I try to bring it to your attention.

Don't fake the funk either. Don't say you are one thing, when you are clearly the other. Don;t say you are a "good guy" when you hold the title for douche of the year. Own up to who you are. Even if you are a hypocrite, own up to your hypocrisy. If you are an @ss, then admit you are an @ss, if you are a mean spirited liar... hey do you. Just allow those around you the courtesy to see the truth and decide if they wanna hang or not.

Now I do not believe in judging other people, no one has that right but God. I will comment, ask questions, but really I cant judge you cause I have issues too (thank you for subscribing ). So I will accept you for who you are... but I do believe in accountability. If you say to me you will do something, then I expect you to do it.If you don't keep your word, you lied (also if you say you wont do something, if you then turn around and do it I probably will trust you even less). If you do that one time too many.... bye.

Hold me accountable! If you hear me say something that doesn't match the Melony you think you know, lets talk about it... I promise I can set it straight. I am a work in progress, as are we all. I don't judge because no one is perfect. I don't hate because we all do things we could be sorry for (if we chose to be). I try not to expect more from others than I would give myself... sometimes I push me harder.

All I am saying is be honest... and if I came off preachy in this, my apologies.. as I said I'm not perfect... feel free to call me on it... my goal is to become a better Me and hopefully help someone else become a better them.. but what do I know? I'm just a girl with a big heart and an overactive analytical brain... these are the things that keep me up at night.