17. What do you see

What do you see, when you look at me
When you take me in, am I foe or kin?

I am more then what I let you see
Do you want to see the real me
Do you want to know what’s inside my heart?
I’ll break it down so you can take it apart
I'm pure and deep and I love to please
And not just when I’m on my knees
I have a heart made only to love
Bless by my Father above
I love deep and I love hard and I love long
And I have a way of being strong
Strong enough to take your shit
And stand by to take another hit
Love fills me with a passion for life
Even though this world has caused me plenty of strife
Looking back on all of my ways
And all the things I took the time to say
I have not one regret
That took you by surprise I bet
I could tell you things that you could never guess
I know me at my best
I am more then what I let you see
When you are ready, come see ME

A Melony Original