20. Vanity

Everything is not about you
I only say it because its true
Even this ryhme whose words may seem pointed
Isn't composed with you as its focus

If my words seem to fit it's only because
You carry a familiar spirit
Something akin to that which I've uncovered
And it's attracted to my truth filled words

Don't get offended if my words seem to bite
The arrow is not aimed at you
If you got caught in the crossfire
It just means you might be standing too close

Sometimes I am holding up a mirror
Somestimes its a magnifying glass
Trying to get a deeper look
To gain clarity, understanding, the truth

If my words seem to hurt you
Point you out or even cut
It is merely by coincidence
But I'm still glad you felt the point

This verse is not about you
It has nothing to do with him
She will never read it
And noone else really cares

Don't be so vain
You have to cause something to have an effect
If you feel called out
It just might be time to do a self check.

I have a mirror I use it daily, I am willing to share