23. Actions

Actions speak louder than words
They expound and elaborate your feelings
We as human only do what we want to (or feel we need to)
Words are just words
The only power they have is the power we give them
How easy it is to be misunderstood
Especially if that is the intention of the receiver of your prose
You can chose to let words hurt you
You can let them rack your brain
You can give them reign over how you do your thang
But it's more about intention
How the speaker acts
How they make their feelings known
That's what really causes your reaction

It's about the when and where and how and why of the words
More than what is said
Words with opposite actions are lies
Actions with no words can speak for themselves
Not all can agree
Because we all see thru our own glass
But if you took the time to see between the lines
Its the actions that you have to notice
That stick with you longer
And notice the words that we remember
Are words that recall a feeling, a moment, a space in time
We react to words because we base them on things that have been done
Not said
Actions speak
Are you listening?