3. You and me and my "baby" makes three

Cold yet inviting you call me to you
And I am always ready to open wide
Smooth and soothing you fill me up
And I need you more and more

When you are gone I feel a loss
And long for our next encounter
You satisfy me in a different way 
But you could never take his place

He likes to watch me play with you
Those noises I make while we play
The way I let you please me
I lose total control

I love the way you feel inside me
The way you fulfill my need
You will always be my special love
And he understands our bond

You don't touch me like he does
You can't show the same care
He fills me in a special way
So you could never take his place

But we can continue our fun
He would love to join in
You, me, and him can share love together
My baby, my love and me