8. Enough

How long do we play this game
It's obvious to me you will never change
Each time you start a new slate
We can't reset to zero
because your already out of the gate

I mixed up the metaphors
Like you mix up my dreams
Your aspirations are lofty
But you refuse to see it through
So much potential to be all that we dreamed
but you are clouded by what is easily attained

Look in the mirror and see your soul
Every part of you screams to be free
From the sentence you committed to yourself
One that you just refuse to break from
It's like you want to be a prisoner
and a victim of the devil's pull

Why do you continue to cut
Deeper and deeper each time
As if you thrive on the pain of standing alone
Don't complain about what you won't fix
The hypocrisy is killing what's true
When will you learn that just being is