Where are the words for this emotion?
the song and rhyme for all these thoughts
What can capture all that I feel?
I'm at a loss

I can't put into words what I need to say to you
The words swirl in my mind but refuse to make sense
I need  new words.

You binded my mind with words that soothe
Captured my heart with a seemingly open spirit
Delighted my body with you masterful handy work
and yet my soul was not convinced

So now each stroke of this pen is piercing a line
scratched on my heart
Each cut deeper than the last
We have written these words before
We know this pain all too well
And the soul refuses to forgive what the heart has done.

Why does it hurt so much to love,
just to want to love
to be loved

It shouldn't and the soul knows this
but the heart is a fool
and the mind can be clouded

That's why we can't find the words

(you did it to me again, and I let you, and there is nothing to be done but live an learn)