The Best Friend

When I was young child
I played many games
I made up whole worlds
And I ruled them all.

As I grew into childhood
I tried to share my world
I learned I was different
I kept my world to myself

When I was a youth
I took a stance
I was gonna be me
Even if it was alone

When I was a young adult
I realized the loneliness of independance
I longed to be a part of a group
I decided to join them all

When I was in college
I opened my heart and mind to everything around me
I learned more about myself by learning about others
I shared my world and found a few willing travelers

Now I am an adult
I remain open and ready to learn
I share with those who care to know
But I still walk this world alone

My best friend has always been my imagination, those thoughts I don't share, those experiences that only I understand my feelings on. I never trust anyone to completely understand  how this mind works, cause I only just get it sometimes. But to those who have cared to learn, and loved me as a friend anyway. I thank you. Its been a process to let people share my world. And I hope you enjoy/ed the ride.