Thirty Days hath Septemper

So there has been a blog thing going around. 30 letters. I have decided to do 30 poems instead related to the theme of the day. As always feedback is encouraged.

September is one of my fav months, (November is my absolute fave cause its the best :P)

This is going to be an interesting month, we are looking for a break through or a revaluation.

Let see what happens...

30 days has September            ( Each day will be one to treasure)
April, June and November       ( A classic moment in time and measure)
All the rest have 31                     ( I will remember each for it pleasure)
February has 28 alone              ( Taking care not to offer censure)
But in every Leap year              ( Enjoying it all at my leisure)
That come once in four              ( Letting go of all pressure)
February has just 1 day MORE!
( Of this I will insure)