It's been a long time...

It's been too long, I shouldn't have left you
Without an explanation or refrain
Something to help you remember my name
An impression of my self image
That could capture the essence of me.

What I am is hard to explain
but evident in every action I take
You can see me in my words and motions
My passion and fight
But will you read the story right?

I have no control over what you see
The picture paints a thousand words that represent me
You have the ability to pick and chose
And create a vision that fits your needs
I am more then what you allow yourself to see
But you have to be ready to see the real me

Out of sight out of mind
Thats how some play their part
But it shouldn't be that way
when you've given someone your heart
When You take the time to care
Thats a presence that should always be there

So now that I've revealed the essence of me
I'll leave you a picture and maybe some words
To remember my presence and the moments we shared
And I'll leave the future of us in your care
But if you don't see me gain, I hope you remember this
I am what I am, and even without you I still exist