Here we are again
In the same spot we  always find ourselves in
Every time

The tears have been shed
The anger suppressed
The shame, regret, and sadness--
All here as they always are
"Welcome back", they say.

"You haven't learned, but will you ever?"
"You can't make everyone your forever"
"You gave and it was all for naught"
"Do you even know what you did wrong?"
"You failed the lesson, you have yet to grow."

I've been here so many times
There is my name, in my usual spot

"Here she is, the one who loves without a parachute
The one who gives to those who don't deserve
The one who doesn't get back what she puts in
The hopeful lover..."

Somewhere between love and pain
Between hope and despair
On the silver lining on a heavy rain cloud...
Wishing, hoping, knowing there is something more
...or at least that there should be

Here we are again
In the same spot we found ourselves in last time
except this time.... without you.