Its not until you have to account for something that you even think about its ramifications sometimes. I have always been one to say whats on my mind, but over the years I have learned a little tack. I will stress a little. I have learned that sometimes once I'm on a roll, or in a not so good place, I have the tendency to talk before I really think. And while I am always aware and purposeful of the words I say, I don't always (especially in a passing fancy) think about the effect of said words. This has been to my detriment at times. And to my benefit at others.

I take ownership for everything I do, even the bull. Cause I did it, I own it, and I cant blame others for it. It is part of the reason I dont judge people. I know I cannot throw any stones in this here glass house. That rule about treating others how you would want to be treated, I always remember that. I want people to hold me accountable for what I say I am, and what I say I will do. But to be judge and jury without all the facts or evidence? I dont get it.

One thing I have never been good at is talking about people in such a way as to demean them, unless they had directly disrespected me. I might discredit actions (people who kill, rape, steal, etc generally arent looked on favorably, but there is a reason for everything and I'm interested in that reason), but people need to be given the change to prove themselves. Now if you prove you aint shit, well then hey, thats just that. We can keep it moving. But if you claim to be the king of awesome and you the prince of worthlessness, 'that no make it'. I will always call a spade a spade, I will try to not do so with malice or attitude, but I WILL make a note.

My biggest pet peeve is rudeness, I dont see the reason for it. I dont understand why you being mean, cold, unkind or callous is of any benefit to you? Why be rude? If you have nothing nice to say, why say a word? I will never understand the motive behind mean spirited people. I can only continue to learn to ignore them, because I have learned in the past few years that the WHY isn't so important. It won't really benefit me because the reason people treat you how they do sometimes has little to do with you. I'm worried about the times when it does, when there is an aspect of my personality or demeanor that I need to change. I am open to that kind feedback, always.

So if you got some of that... sock it to me!