The salty wetness glides down my face
one tear for each of these words
They all take the same path
 forming a well in the eyes,
unable to see clearly your face fills my minds eye
more tears form and the first drops fall
The drops feel warm, no hot
And full of all my emotion
Hugging the curve of my cheek
As they continue their journey
the curve that used to lift at the thought of a friend
gliding down  to my lips
So salty its almost startling,
like the sting of the pain blow you dealt
They well again just at the edge
Of a mouth that used to sing your praises
and humor your humility
What I thought was humility
Really just veiled honesty
You said it plainly, and I only heard the lie
The tear continues to my chin, hangs, and then leaps
The journey is done, the tears are done
It's over