Do you believe?

Since I can remember I have been a Christian. I was raised in the church and knew the Christian values by seeing them demonstrated in my home. I will never claim to be a perfect Christian, and the Lord knows I do things that aren't a perfect reflection of Him. But I try to be everything I was raised to be. Now that is not to say that I dont think for myself. I took time when I came of age to really research my spirituality. When I was in college, coming into my own about who I was and what I believed, I looked at all my choices and really tried to make the decision on my own.

The arguement that religon is just a bandaid we have created to deal with the stress of life bothers me, but what bothers me more is when peple say that you can't believe in God and be an intellectual. But I stopped trying to argue that point. I know who I am and what I beleive and thats really all that matters.

My focus now is to try to be a reflection of all that has been instilled in me. And though I fall short sometimes and willingly sin at time at the end of the day the only one i'm trying to please is myself and my Lord. All else will pass away when this life is over. I just wanna leave a legacy and a positive one at that.

What do you believe?